Welcome to Courtready.com® , the easy-to-use website where you can find the forms and help to create your own legal documents, along with instructions for filing and representing yourself.

Courtready.com®  is not staffed by attorneys, and cannot offer you specific legal advice. We have tried to provide forms that are reasonably self-explanatory, and for most people, no additional legal advice should be necessary. However, if you feel that you do need legal advice, we recommend that you contact a licensed Idaho attorney.

Courtready.com®   and it's non-web affiliate, Self-Help Legal Alternatives, have successfully assisted approximately 10,000 Idaho citizens since 1990, by preparing courtready® documents for filing in the various District Courts throughout the State of Idaho and in the US Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Idaho.

Courtready.com®   offers multiple forms options for you convenience. Forms can be downloaded in a fill-in-the blank format, where you print them out and fill them in at home; fill-in-on-line format, where you enter information, make selections, and print out courtready® documents; or in a custom on-line format, where you can edit the boiler-plate language to add your own specific clauses or conditions, and print out courtready® documents.

This website is still under partial construction. The areas of law listed in bold under the forms section are available for you immediate use. The others are still under development and testing, and we hope they will available on-line in the near future. For now we offer many of them as fill-in-the-blank forms, or we can prepare the forms courtready® at our office and deliver them to you via snail-mail, e-mail, fax, or in-person.

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